Thursday, March 15, 2012

Curiosity: Beatle's fever

This photos was taken a year ago, when a Beatle's look a like visited the Philippines. We're just  strolling around SM Megamall when we heard the song ♫ She love me yeah yeah yeah ♪♪ and saw the Beatles look a like singing at the Stage.

While listening to their song, i also took picture of some Beatles Collector items, like this a banner  for Beatles Concert here in the Philippines, The concert was held on July 4, 1966 and imagine REYCARD ( Rey & Carding ) was there, including Pilita Corrales. Hihihi... love it

This one is a cool image of John Lennon, signed by him  in 1952.

Beatles album with their younger years pictures. Can you tell me who is the handsome one?

 And this is a OMG moment for me. MY gosh 5 MILLION beatles album. That is so OMG. I wonder if my lola still have this on her room. Hmmmm.....

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cebu 2012: Lapu Lapu Shrine

Before going to this place, i was already thinking of a big museum a lot of thing to see... But like what they said , don't expect too much.

This is one of the historical place in Cebu and  it is a park with Lapu lapu statue and you can also buy allot of souvenir's here.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Philippine Taoist Temple

When is was in Cebu we visited Taoist temple on the exact Chinese New year. We're thinking of not going here but i definitely insist. When i first saw this temple, i really remember my Elementary school in Malabon. PBSGMI, it is a Chinese school owned by a monk. I grew up in a school that has a peaceful surroundings and has allot of people praying in the temple.

Every morning you can see the monks practicing kung fu, they have allot of slow motion exercise that even i cannot do and i might visit that place soon.

It was a very hot afternoon when we went here, this temple is so far and you really need to have a good car to go here. This temple is located on the top of a millionaires village called Beverly Hills?.... Any why..... all i can say... it is far...