Thursday, November 22, 2012

Artina Suites Hotel, Makati City

At long last nakapag post din . It's been a long long time since I post something here.. for 8 months I think. Well, never got a chance to post some of my travel trip since our external hard drive is still busted and can't retrieve our pictures . It is a lesson learn... don't be lazy on blogging. Any way, I want to update this site with one of my Hotel experience that was just happen last week, where we celebrate our Anniversary  at Artina Suites Hotel in Makati.

Maybe you're also wondering why they named it as Artina, at first I though Artina is their Family name but, I was corrected and It was explain to me that this is the owner's dad and mom's named ( Arturo and Ernestina Peckson ) cool huh. The hotel name and the hotel features matches, the name sounds artistic and the hotel has a touch of art on it. So, let me show you the slight tour of their hotel.