Thursday, November 22, 2012

Artina Suites Hotel, Makati City

At long last nakapag post din . It's been a long long time since I post something here.. for 8 months I think. Well, never got a chance to post some of my travel trip since our external hard drive is still busted and can't retrieve our pictures . It is a lesson learn... don't be lazy on blogging. Any way, I want to update this site with one of my Hotel experience that was just happen last week, where we celebrate our Anniversary  at Artina Suites Hotel in Makati.

Maybe you're also wondering why they named it as Artina, at first I though Artina is their Family name but, I was corrected and It was explain to me that this is the owner's dad and mom's named ( Arturo and Ernestina Peckson ) cool huh. The hotel name and the hotel features matches, the name sounds artistic and the hotel has a touch of art on it. So, let me show you the slight tour of their hotel.

Of course we arrived at 2:00 pm for check in time and they are well prepared with their Christmas decors, simple and cute huh... When we arrived at their hotel and waited at the lobby to get our key card, been seeing a lot of foreign guest who's just taking their brunch, there's family and group of friends. It's a quite place to stay can't even hear any vehicle noise while on the lobby,  no wonder my friend who loves to relax really recommend this hotel.

They also have a big Gallery cafe where you can eat you meal, watch Acoustic Friday and see the beautiful painting on their Gallery. This Gallery Cafe can occupy up to 200 guest on what I remember, you can actually have this as a reception for Birthday, Wedding and Company Parties.

If its Acoustic Friday, they are putting a mini stage where people can sing with the live Acoustic Band. On what I have known they are now accepting reservations for Christmas Parties for this coming December, so I you are planning of having one, better check them out. You can either rent their place or let them fix the party for you.

So if you are planning to stay with your friends and family in this hotel , here are some of their rooms that they let me to take a picture of it, but there is a one fantastic room that is i think good for 8 that I really forgot to take a picture, I am so loving that room grrrr.... I only took a few picture since almost all of the rooms are occupied.

And of course last but the not the least is our very own room in the 2nd Flr. Room 7.

(L) This door is going to the dressing room and bathroom . (R) Dinning table,  microwave and their a small ref under
A minimalism style of bathroom

Our Bed
I only posted the rooms and some part of the hotel, because I'll be posting their menus on my food blog. Hehehe...  You can easily go to this hotel whether you ride a taxi or MRT.  Me i usually ride jeeps and MRT because it is must cheaper and less traffic. For those who want to know to know the way.  Just ride a MRT1 from North to Guadalupe Station, from Guadalupe station  ride a jeep going to Makati City Hall and just tell the driver E. zobel.

For more information visit their site and Facebook Page.

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  1. Looks nice ah. It's been a year since my last hotel stay :)